Please contact us with any questions. Our nearly 50 years of experience allows us to help you with most questions regarding gamebirds.
Forsgren's Pheasant Farm is NPIP approved #229.  And certified Avian Influenza clean by the MN Board of Animal Health.
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We hatch weekly form Mid-April through July. We guarantee live delivery of chicks.
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStyleSheet%20Link%2D%2D%3EWe  pride our selves in producing the best quality pheasants on the market. Our birds are explosive fliers that adapt very quickly to the wild. Whether you're looking for birds to hunt or release for propagation on your land, our birds are the right choice.
Forsgren's pheasant farm was started in 1968 by Carl and Darrel Forsgren. They bought a few hundred chicks turned most of them loose but kept some hens to "play with". Carl built an incubator, his wife Myrtle would get up during the night to turn them. Their hatch was better than they expected so they advertised the overrun. They slowly grew at first and  by 1979 the pheasants overtook their dairy operation and the rest as they say is history.
The farm is now in it's 4th generation.
This is an ariel view of our original location located beween Lake Lida and Lizzie in beautiful Ottertail county MN.
Here is a view of our breeder barns (the green barns in foreground of the picture), these barns are also used for rearing chicks later in the season. There is a set of 19 pens which are 50' x 300'.
This is our main set of pens, there are 40 pens which are 50' x 300'. There is a chaseway down the middle which leads to a holding pen and catch building on either end. Once in the holding pen the birds are herded into the catch building were the birds are caught in relative darkness. This causes less stress and chance of injury to the birds.